poland-t Grand Prix GORSKA FANTAZJA                  22.01.2006 – 28.03.2016                              Pako. labrador retriever

Pako progeny

more Pako photos 


labrador retrieverlabrador retrieverlabrador retriever




Labrador Retriever | Labradoro Retrieveriai OKEANAS elite FCI | Pako Labrador Retriever

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  1. oooooh,…..i have a puppy of pako!!!!! 24.8.13…..when he was in germany 😀 sooooo nice!!!!

  2. I would like to know if PAKO is available for chilled or frozen semen shipments. I would love to meet all your labs and pets. Our summer is spent in Maine and winters in Florida. I loved the picture of Pako face to face with one of his pups. If seamen is not available would a female pup or even a male pup be available. On my web site your web site showed up on a Facebook link that is how I found you. The pup size I am looking for would be one like picture with Pako. Thank you for you time.

  3. Good afternoon checking to see if Pako is still fertile enough to have seamen sent to the USA for our girl Riverview’s Ally a black girl who carries chocolate. If not would he have a son that would closely match picture on your web site. I love Paco size and would hope to meet him someday. Love your website reminds us of our place in Maine, our cats also live among our Labs. There seems to be a few people using our trademark name so please only look at web page from Old Town, Maine or Seminole Florida.

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