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  1. Dear Virgilijus,

    Hi,my name ferandy tera and im living in indonesia „jakarta my home town
    im a dogs lover and showing a labrador in my country.

    i hav eone male yellow labrador almost 6 years old and import from cez republik and have too one yellow female labrador almost 5 years old.

    now,im looking a new youngster or puppies for my new member at my home.

    may i know,do you shipping your dog to my country?

    i really hope got a special puppies from your kennel.

    looking forward to hearing a good news from you

    Best Wishes,
    Ferandy Tera Jong

  2. hi, I’m a ‘allevtrice Italian, I would be interested in a male more intense yellow color of this litter, I’d be glad to have clicked down information proposito.Li I saw on facebook find me as I like Rosanna Perriello Labrador Primaluce …
    Thank you in advance.

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