poland-t Grand Prix GORSKA FANTAZJA                  22.01.2006 – 28.03.2016                              Pako. labrador retriever

Pako progeny

more Pako photos 


labrador retrieverlabrador retrieverlabrador retriever




Labrador Retriever | Labradoro Retrieveriai OKEANAS elite FCI | Pako Labrador Retriever

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  1. oooooh,…..i have a puppy of pako!!!!! 24.8.13…..when he was in germany 😀 sooooo nice!!!!

  2. I would like to know if PAKO is available for chilled or frozen semen shipments. I would love to meet all your labs and pets. Our summer is spent in Maine and winters in Florida. I loved the picture of Pako face to face with one of his pups. If seamen is not available would a female pup or even a male pup be available. On my web site your web site showed up on a Facebook link that is how I found you. The pup size I am looking for would be one like picture with Pako. Thank you for you time.

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