1. Cathy Montgomery parašė:

    Where can I find the pedigree on DeNiro Domingo Okeanas? Looks like that will be a nice litter!

    1. Ann-Marie parašė:

      I have a Dipsi granddaughter, stunning girl. We adore her! I don’t have a ton of pictures, but here is link to her photo gallery on my website.

      Second link is her pedigree on Virgiligus old website.

      I hope this helps you!

  2. okeanas parašė:

    hello, Cathy
    his sister: http://www.old.okeanas.lt/Dipsi.html

  3. Sigita parašė:

    sveikinimai gražuolei OKi!

  4. angel parašė:

    ola somos de españa e hablado con usted varias veces,estamos deseando traernos un cachorro para show de su kenel.para el mes de julio tendrias alguna camada disponible y en que precio saldria

  5. angel parašė:

    ola cuanto cuesta el cachorro de show amarillo,somos criadores de españa.¿donde habria k ir a recogerlo?

  6. Angelika Sidneva Grodno Belarus parašė:

    Очень понравился Отто !!!!

  7. Barbara parašė:

    Dear Friends,

    we all sent you a big hug and Congrats for the X-litter. The puppies will be wonderfull, lovely and perfect like the V-litter! ♥

    Best wishes and greetings from Germany

    Barbara, family and our beloved Pollo

    1. okeanas parašė:

      thank you, frau Barbara ..

  8. Jan Dailey parašė:

    Congratulations!!! So glad to see Kami and babies are doing well!!!! 🙂

    1. okeanas parašė:

      thank you , Jan ..

  9. Vicente del Campo parašė:

    Hi , i am interesting in a puppie , can you send me some pictures and price ?

    Thanks . . Vicente

    1. okeanas parašė:

      hello, Vicente
      you want male or female ?


  10. Volha parašė:

    Hello! How much is yours male puppy? Thanks )

  11. kirsten rogalla parašė:

    oooooh,…..i have a puppy of pako!!!!! 24.8.13…..when he was in germany 😀 sooooo nice!!!!

  12. Jeffrey Ignatius Gomes parašė:

    Your labs looks excellent. Will be in touch when I decide to get 1 from you directly. Reminds me of ones I had when in my younger days when we maintained from the litter of an English n Dutch import till she passed on at the age of 15. Unfortunately we never bred her. Have yet to see any of her quality until I saw your website. Brother it Vietnam is into breeding Labs from Malaysia but yours definitely looks great to bring in some day. Have a Great Dane at the time Being. Am planning to go back to Labs some day soon but having qualit ones. Many thanks for shedding some light and hope For the betterment of this breed in Malaysia

  13. I would like to know if PAKO is available for chilled or frozen semen shipments. I would love to meet all your labs and pets. Our summer is spent in Maine and winters in Florida. I loved the picture of Pako face to face with one of his pups. If seamen is not available would a female pup or even a male pup be available. On my web site your web site showed up on a Facebook link that is how I found you. The pup size I am looking for would be one like picture with Pako. Thank you for you time.

  14. Good afternoon checking to see if Pako is still fertile enough to have seamen sent to the USA for our girl Riverview’s Ally a black girl who carries chocolate. If not would he have a son that would closely match picture on your web site. I love Paco size and would hope to meet him someday. Love your website reminds us of our place in Maine, our cats also live among our Labs. There seems to be a few people using our trademark name so please only look at web page from Old Town, Maine or Seminole Florida. http://www.riverviewlabradors.com/

    1. okeanas parašė:

      thank you..

  15. ferandy tera jong parašė:

    Dear Virgilijus,

    Hi,my name ferandy tera and im living in indonesia „jakarta my home town
    im a dogs lover and showing a labrador in my country.

    i hav eone male yellow labrador almost 6 years old and import from cez republik and have too one yellow female labrador almost 5 years old.

    now,im looking a new youngster or puppies for my new member at my home.

    may i know,do you shipping your dog to my country?

    i really hope got a special puppies from your kennel.

    looking forward to hearing a good news from you

    Best Wishes,
    Ferandy Tera Jong

  16. Michael parašė:

    hi I saw your puppies they are so cute. I have still an 4 years old Labrador and I’m looking for a second one. So I like to know how much is one of your puppies?

  17. Jari Virtanen parašė:

    Hello, Do you have any kittens available or planned for the next litter?

    If free so what do you have?

    Sex? Being born with? Price?

    Kindly, Jari Virtanen

  18. Rosanna Perriello parašė:

    hi, I’m a ‘allevtrice Italian, I would be interested in a male more intense yellow color of this litter, I’d be glad to have clicked down information proposito.Li I saw on facebook find me as I like Rosanna Perriello Labrador Primaluce …
    Thank you in advance.

  19. venkkteswar parašė:


    I am looking good chocolate puppy to India.
    Can you send it?

    Please advice.


  20. Veronika parašė:

    Hello. Do you have to sell chocolate boy Labrador. how much will it cost?

  21. Christian parašė:

    Hello Virgilijus,

    After I was wondering around at this very nice homepage about your kennel Labradoro Retriveriai OKEANAS ELITE and while I was looking at your beautiful Labrador dogs I can’t just go by without leaving a comment in your guest book!

    Labradors seem to be very important to you. That is very easy to recognize!

    I wish you for the future of your Labrador kennel a lot of fun, breeding success, lovely and healthy puppies!

    Best wishes


    Labradors make you happy!


  22. okeanas parašė:

    We are pleased to announce fantastic litter:

  23. Sharron Brown parašė:

    Hi, Im very interested in you C litter… would u possible be willing to send me pick of girls?? She would of course be shown extensively in South Africa, but not only am I looking for a best of breed winner, Im looking for a Best in Show winner… I think u will get that quality from these lines and types. I love both mum and dad!!! Lovely parents!!! I have one yellow female and one yellow male, and the rest of my Labradors are chocolate, so wont touch these lines etc. But my two yellows are top dogs, and Id like a second female to join us… and I think this type will compliment my naughty young male awsumly :)) If u would consider this, what would your prices/contracts be? Really looking forward to ur reply, Sharron Brown South Africa.

    1. okeanas parašė:

      I will write for you private..
      regards 😉

  24. Crystal parašė:

    Interested in a male pup as well..can you email me some more info on them and if you can ship to US?

    1. okeanas parašė:

      yes. no problems

  25. Marek parašė:

    I’m looking for a tall yellow labrador (male). Do you have information about the height of the mum and dad the new puppies?

  26. Edgaras parašė:

    Laba diena, domina Labradoras, noreciau patinelio, ar turite siuo metu ka nors pasiulyti ? Kokios butu kainos? Dok nereikia


    1. okeanas parašė:

      neturime be dokumentų

  27. donatas parašė:

    Sveiki,noriu isigyti labradora patineli sviesios spalvos, reikalingi visi dokumentai reikalingi isvezimui i uzsieni. kokios kainos?

  28. Opinder parašė:

    Nice puppies

  29. Norbertas parašė:

    Sveiki, ieskome labrdoro pateles. Sakykite ar dar turite ir kokia kaina. Atrasyti galite asmeniskai i elektronini pasta. Is anksto dekoju.

  30. Asta parašė:

    Kokia šuniukų kaina?

  31. Greta parašė:

    Sveiki, gal būtų galima sužinoti, kokia patelės kaina? Taip pat ar turite, ar planuojate turėti „šokoladinę“ vadą?

  32. Vilma parašė:

    Sveiki, domina šviesus patinėlis.

    1. okeanas parašė:

      parašykite email man

  33. Kristina parašė:

    Sveiki ar turite šokoladinių šuniukų? Ir kokia kaina?

  34. Jeffrey Ignatius Gomes parašė:

    If I am keen to import a puppy or two from different parentage, How do I go about it? What will the cost per puppy be? I have had Labradors when I was a kid which is of English n Dutch line but I am unable to obtain any of those qualities in Malaysia. I am having Great Danes now but I plan to change to the breed I love still. I love the quality of labs of your breeding and I intend to show them in the Malaysian show ring

    1. okeanas parašė:

      I will write email for you

  35. pirkejas parašė:

    kiek kainuoja labradoro retriveris (rudas).

  36. Edvardas parašė:

    Laba diena, ieškome juodaplaukės/rudaplaukės labradorų kalytės, kaip pastebėjome lyg ir laukėte vados, norėtume pasidomėti kokios įsigyjimo galimybės, ar sulaukėte? taip pat norėtume sužinoti kainas kiek mažieji grožiai įvertinti. Taip pat kokios sutartys galioja įsigyjant šunyte. 🙂

    Būsim dėkingi už atsakymą.
    Kulvičių šeimyna 🙂

    1. okeanas parašė:

      turime rudą vadą dabar.
      Lauksiu jūsų skambučio …

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