1. Cathy Montgomery parašė:

    Where can I find the pedigree on DeNiro Domingo Okeanas? Looks like that will be a nice litter!

    1. Ann-Marie parašė:

      I have a Dipsi granddaughter, stunning girl. We adore her! I don’t have a ton of pictures, but here is link to her photo gallery on my website.

      Second link is her pedigree on Virgiligus old website.

      I hope this helps you!

  2. okeanas parašė:

    hello, Cathy
    his sister: http://www.old.okeanas.lt/Dipsi.html

  3. Vicente del Campo parašė:

    Hi , i am interesting in a puppie , can you send me some pictures and price ?

    Thanks . . Vicente

    1. okeanas parašė:

      hello, Vicente
      you want male or female ?


  4. Volha parašė:

    Hello! How much is yours male puppy? Thanks )

  5. Crystal parašė:

    Interested in a male pup as well..can you email me some more info on them and if you can ship to US?

    1. okeanas parašė:

      yes. no problems

  6. Marek parašė:

    I’m looking for a tall yellow labrador (male). Do you have information about the height of the mum and dad the new puppies?