poland-t  John Galliano GORSKA FANTAZJA        d.o.b. 28-08-2012

OTTO 16 months. labrador retriever

owner: Nicole Tresselt

HD-A   ED-0 
CNM n/n (Laboklin)
EIC n/n (Laboklin)
HNPK n/n (Laboklin)
PRA n/n (from parents) 
Full dentition, Eyes clear (FCI).
LT, LV, EST, RUS, BALTIC Junior Champion.. 
CAC, 2BOS, 4JN winner


otto parentslabrador retriever -ottolabrador retriever ottolabradoro retriveriailabradoro retriveriai. otto 5,5mlabradoro retriveriai ottolabradoro retriveriai labradoro retriverisotto 7,5 months . Okeanasotto 16 monthsOTTO 16 months. labrador retrieverOtto 17 months  Labrador Retriever

best male in age 9,5 months:

Otto in age 20 months:

Otto moving in age 20 months:






Labrador OKEANAS elite FCI | Labradoro Retriveriai | OTTO male

About kennel:

Labrador Retriever kennel OKEANAS elite. Labradoro Retriveriai

Labrador retriever. Labrador retriveriai OKEANAS Labrador Retriever kennel OKEANAS elite is located in a very beautiful place. Near Alytus in southern part of Lithuania. Our Kennel is registered in the Fédération Cynologique Internationale FCi.  And is a member of  Lithuanian Retriever Club “LRMK“. We breeding very lovely temperament, healthy, excellent type  typical dogs. Puppies from our kennel  live in all Europe, also Israel, United States of America, Malaysia, Salvador Labrador Retriever kennels. Our kennel Labrador Retriever puppies goes to new families with the sales contract and not earlier then 2 months old. They have pedigree documents, microchip, EU health passport and are vaccinated and de-wormed according to age. Good luck in the dog shows with dogs from us. Dogs are the best friends of our cats – they live together. We breed Maine Coons. This is Gentle Giants cats. You are also very welcome to visit our Maine Coons cattery  page at We know what we are doing anno 1999 .. Enjoy! Dogs connecting PEOPLE.. ;) Thank you for visiting our Labrador Retriever kennel website!


Labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever kennel OKEANAS elite. Labradoro Retriveriai LT


Virgilijus Bumbulis  tel. +370 698 17100



Reda Bumbulienė tel. +370 688 77744




Pušelių 5, Žagariai, Alytaus raj.

Lithuania LT-64403

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GPS: 54.486407, 24.100399

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labradoro retriveriai

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